Marriage and Secrets

Ok so tell me…Other than planning a suprise when is it really ok to keep secrets from your spouse??

Me and this man are married and granted I don’t have any reason to think he’s up to anything but all of a sudden he acts like it’s such a big deal for me not to get a hold of his wallet. Hmmmm….What’s up with that right? Well all he did was create curiosity so the first chance I got I went through his wallet and nothing was found. (Lucky for him! ;)) Anyway, i told him I went through the darn thing and he lost his freaking mind. I shut that mess down and walked away leaving him to talk to himself but I’m thinking in my mind if you have nothing to hide and we’re married what’s the big darn deal? He was so angry with me he slept on the couch but he is over it today and acting like nothing ever happen. i think he was PMSing. šŸ™‚

Am I wrong for what I did??


One thought on “Marriage and Secrets

  1. yes you were wrong for what you did. just like he shouldnt keep secrets from you , you should also show him that he has your trust. what did you expect to gain from telling him that you checked his wallet anyway? ofcourse he would get upset…thats what people do when they feel their privacy is being invaded. yes privacy. would you mind him going through your purse? its good that everything seems ok now, keep it that way and let it go. be blessed

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