Why do some men seem to think that the symptoms of PMS are made up? Why on earth would we make up being bloated, irritable, feeling ugly and uncomfortable? There are a list of changes we go through at this time and none of them are positive. Are men just that out of touch or are they really that naive about women and their bodies. If it’s the later I suggest you go read a book or two because how can you attempt to “love” us right if you don’t know about us???


2 thoughts on “PMS

  1. Listen ladies: “men are far dumber than ya’ll give us credit for”! As a man, we have NO CLUE what women experience during this time. A lack of understanding ruins so much at this time. And yes, we men do need to learn something about a woman and what ya’ll go thru during your cycle. If we’re gonna deal with a woman, we do need to pick up a book and educate ourselves in any way possible!!!! I know I did!!!

  2. i think most men have this big, stupid “S” on their chest that tells them not to be sensitive to a woman’s needs period. it’s not cool with the fella’s

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