Archive | September 9, 2008

What kind of home have you created?

Stop letting other people fill your mind with negativity and information that is not beneficial to your inner man. Christ lives in you. Think about it. What kind of home have you created for Jesus to dwell in? You are the temple and he dwells within. Darkness and light cannot dwell in the same place at one time. Watch what you allow to go into God’s temple. What kind of conversations do you allow God to listen too? What kind of things are you allowing God to see? What things are you allowing God to hear you say? Are you taking care of his temple so that he may dwell in holiness? Are you eating the right foods, excercising, and getting proper health care so that the temple may not parrish? Just as you clean your home daily that you may dwell in peace, so does God long to dwell in you. Clean it up. He lives inside of you and me. When someone approaches you with gossip, doubt, cursing, slander, or any other ungodly conversation …stop them at the gate and tell them no thank you, Jesus lives here!

Be Blessed