Daughter beats Father

I need help…I do not believe in a man putting his hands on a woman. I believe that because for the most part men are stronger than women and can find another way to handle the matter. Now I do take into account that sometimes it is the man that is the victim which leads me into my dilemma.

I was watching television last night and there was a man that was arrested for hitting a woman, it was his daughter. Now the twist to the whole story is that she was beating him and he hit her back to get her off of him and his statement to the police was that he doesn’t believe in hitting women but he is a man and her father and he would not allow his daughter to disrespect him by putting her hands on him.
So…with all of that said I must ask, If no mother or female adult family member is around or available what should a father do in a situation like this?

A child should in no way feel it’s OK to disrespect their parent by putting their hands on them or even raising it as if they’re thinking about it for that matter. Please share your insight on this situation????


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