Have you found joy in your life?

Excerpt from: www.press-pause.com/main.html#forthefellas

Written by Jack A. Daniels

This is a hard question for most because it causes you to pause to reflect on where you’ve been, where you currently are and where you’re possibly heading in the future. You see joy is experiencing great pleasure, happiness and delight in the life you’re living. Most people have difficulty experiencing this because they’re too busy living in the past or for the future which causes them to forget about the most important time of all; the present. So how do you find joy in your life? How do you truly tap into the secret to being healthy, happy and whole?

Stop sabotaging your success and happiness by repeating the same cycles over and over again. If you feel like your life is numb, null and void of pleasure, press pause for your purpose. If your job has you feeling stagnant, standing still and stuck, press pause for your purpose. If your relationship is dying, disappointing, degrading or dysfunctional, you need to press pause for your purpose! The hole inside of your heart that seems to be bleeding for a blessing cannot be filled by a person. That hole isn’t a person-size hole, it’s a purpose-size hole and can only be plugged if you pause long enough to tap into your true passions, potential and purpose.

Do me a favor and observe someone you think or know is happy, excited about life and loves what they do. I guarantee you’ll find that whoever they are and regardless of how old they may be, that person is living his passions, fulfilling his potential and walking in purpose. As a result of his walk, I also guarantee that he or his life brings joy to others in some capacity. The only difference between this man and you is he had enough courage to pause for his purpose. He didn’t make excuses about his past circumstances or situations. He didn’t worry about what people had to say about his habits, attitudes, beliefs or expectations. He simply did what he knew God had purposed in his heart to do.

Have the courage to press the pause button of life to tap into your true purpose. Have you found joy in your life? Does your life bring joy to others? Life is too short to wander through frustrated because you aren’t fulfilled. The answer to both of theses questions require you doing the work necessary to stop making excuses and start walking in purpose. Only then will you discover the feeling of being whole and not wasting time filling your hole with meaningless mess. Be courageous enough to do the work necessary to live the life you’re destined and purposed to live.


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