As I was riding back from lunch, as you can see this is when I spend quality time with my Father. He reminded me about that story of Joseph and how Joseph was a dreamer…etc…hopefully we all know the story. We know how it ends with him becoming a wealthy King and saving his family in the process. Well God shared with me the importance of the journey in between. How Joseph was thrown in a pit by his own brothers (loved or close ones). He was betrayed by the very ones that he expected to love him the most. I think about that pit and how lonely and dark it must have been for him. I think about how scared and hopeless he may have felt. Maybe he thought that he would die there in that pit, that he would never get out. Meanwhile his father was told that he had died and ceased to exist. What happens when someone ceases to exist? People tend to forget about them after a while or they just go on without them, don’t you think? Maybe they even stopped looking for Joseph and gave up hope. Maybe your loved ones or friends gave up on you while you’re in the pit. Maybe they stopped praying for you and just decided within themselves that you’re never going to get out of the pit. Even after Joseph got out of the pit he ended up being thrown in to jail, locked up and betrayed once again. He was set up and lied on. But you see all of this had a purpose to fulfill. God was preparing Joseph for the manifestation of his dream. Some of you have been given dreams that you have forgotten about and some of you have decided that your dreams will never come true because of the pit that you are in. Well im here to tell you today that God wants you to start dreaming again and not only dream but start pursuing it. You see he causes the “pit’s” in your life to push you towards the manifestation. Some of you are like a sluggish being that will not get off the couch without someone pushing you off. Some of you are in the line but wont take a step to move closer and God is that person behind you saying “move up, you’re next!” There are some things that you would never go after without the PUSH. You see he creates the pressure to get you to pray and seek his face. When we seek God in spirit and true worship we cause him to move. Embrace the PUSH, know that it is orchestrated and designed by God to get you to move! Stop the whining, stop the complaining, stop blaming everyone for being where you are and PUSH to where you’re suppose to be! It’s NOT their fault, open your eyes and see how God is moving and trying to get you to move! Move or get left behind! So are you going to just stand there or are you going to get going?

Pressure Used to Stimulate Heaven

Toni M. Sharp….Be Blessed!


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