Instructions for Life

Often times I hear people say and I have said myself that we wish there was an instruction manual for life. Women say we wish someone would have told us about raising children and being a wife. Men look for examples of what a real man should be and not just what society says.

We talk about the deterioration of the world today. How crime, violence, abuse, drugs, etc. have run ramped and where did it all begin to go so wrong. Well looking back I think I have found the answer. It all began to go wrong when we abandoned and forget about the BIBLE!!!

God gave us every instruction we need in that miraculous book. That book is why our female ancestors had staying power in those rough relationships. That book is why they were able to raise 10, 15 children and maintain a household and husband without loosing their minds. That book is why our male ancestors stayed strong and provided for their homes. That book taught them the Word and Will of God. If and when everything was stripped from them they had their Faith. That was the one thing that could not be taken from them and as long as they held on God sustained them.

Today we look at their struggles and think how can we keep from going through what they went through. We think I wouldn’t deal with this or that the way they did. Well stop and look at their blessings for a minute. None of what they went through or what we go through compares to what Jesus suffered for us to have EVERLASTING LIFE but we’ve abandoned His Father’s Will. Who’s Will is for us to have life abundantly. So yes today our lives are harder and more stressful than they need to be. Get back to the basics; Pick up your Bible. Learn God’s Word and Will for your life. These are truly our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

**I know a lot of people complain about not understanding the this, thy, thou and shalts in the Bible so I encourage you to pick up one of the versions listed. I have compared them and they say the same thing just in an easier to understand way.

New Living Translation
Amplified (for online users)

Reading the Bible, the book of Revelations, we know that this turmoil is inevitable. So now the only question is, “where will you stand come judgment day?”


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