Understanding Your Mate

I was speaking with a friend the other day and the topic came up of understanding men and women that you’re involved with. We talked about how you will never fully understand your man or woman and it just dawned on me; It’s not about understanding them it’s about just knowing them.
The Dictionary states to understand as to have a systematic interpretation or rationale, as in a field or area of knowledge. To know is to be cognizant or aware of. I believe we could cut back on a lot of problems if we took the time to get to know our spouses. What makes he/she happy? What makes he/she angry? Concentrate on making the other person happy.

Do you truly love, respect and communicate with your spouse? If you do then you will know the things they like and don’t like. Does he/she like for you to greet them at the door with a hug and kiss to welcome them home? Does he/she like to have dinner provided when they get home, cooked, bought or whatever just so long as it’s ready? Some of you are like I don’t have time to do all of that I have other things I could be/need to be doing.

Well you have to respect and compromise with one another. If each spouse worries about making the other happy where can you go wrong? Step outside your own box and get into the other person’s. He likes sports and would like for you to watch with him sometimes but you don’t like sports…step outside your box and indulge him sometimes. She wants to take walks in the park with you but you have no desire…step out of your box and indulge her. Do it with a smile! Don’t leave room for another to make your spouse happy.

Just KNOW your partner, no need to try to understand the why’s….just do it!!! Make them smile…it goes a long way.

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