Trustreliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. (

A Person may develop a fear of trusting people for many reasons. You may have experience with people lying, cheating, stealing and/or betraying your confidence in any other way. It could be that you experienced your parents divorcing because of trust issues such as one or both of them cheated. You saw a friend suffering due to someone betraying their trust. You experienced your own hurt due to being betrayed by someone you opened up to or you are just an untrustworthy person and you don’t trust yourself. It doesn’t really matter if you were the one betrayed or betraying or if you saw someone else suffering from betrayal, in either case, the subconscious mind will still consider trusting other people dangerous.

If you believed in any idea, your subconscious mind will gather for you all the clues that prove that this idea is true. Your subconscious will discard some important events and will focus on the ones that prove that people aren’t trust worthy.

Trust forms the foundation for effective communication because it provides you the confidence you need to share your feelings and emotions with others. When trust exists in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve.
Trust initially is how a relationships starts, and it is through the development of trust that relationships grow.

When you have problems trusting someone ask yourself these questions: If someone isn’t trust worthy does that mean that the whole world is not? If someone cheated on their partner, does this mean that the whole world cheats? The more you ask yourself these questions and are honest with the answers, the more you will be challenging your incorrect beliefs and the more you will start trusting people.

In order to build trust you have to begin with yourself. Allow others to trust you by being trustworthy. People who cheat on others and who lie often usually have problems trusting others because they think that everyone else is going to be like them. Even if you discovered that someone wasn’t trust worthy know that one person doesn’t represent the whole world, he/she is still one person.

You don’t have to trust everyone but you must know that there are some people out there who can be trusted.


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