Do You Know What’s in Your Hands?

Jack A. Daniels
There’s an interesting proverb about a group of boys and a wise blind village guru who was known for never being wrong when it came to advice. So knowing this, a group of young boys thought it would be humorous to prove the guru wrong by presenting him with a question that he couldn’t possibly know the answer to. The boys decided they would take a bird and put it inside of their hands and ask the guru if the bird was dead or alive. If the guru responded, “The bird is dead,” the boy would open his hands and release the bird allowing it to fly away thus proving the guru wrong. If the guru responded, “the bird is alive,” the boy would then snap the bird’s neck before opening his hands thus proving the guru wrong on this account also.

So with a full proof plan in place, the boys ventured over to the stump where the guru usually sat. They then presented their
right answer proof question. “If you are so wise and all knowing, can you tell us whether or not this bird in my hand is dead or alive?” The guru paused for a second, and then responded to the group of boys by saying, “I can see that this question is very important to you. Let me ponder the answer for a couple of minutes before I give you the answer you seek.” The guru then went and sat on his tree stump and soon returned to the group of boys. “I know that this answer is important to you and after contemplating this for a while, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot give you the answer you so desperately seek.” “Ha,” said one of the boys with great excitement! “I knew he didn’t know everything.” “You’re right young one,” answered the guru. “I cannot answer the fate of the bird you are holding on to because unfortunately, it is you and not me that holds the fate of that bird’s life in your hands.

If we took an honest look at reality, all of our lives’ can somewhat be compared to the above story. We hold many secrets of success, happiness and fate in our own hands. The truth is that when God leaves you a message, He leaves it for you in your own hands. That’s why you have finger prints to help distinguish and identify that it belongs to you and you alone. You are unique and the purpose you have is incorporated within that uniqueness. So the question you have to ask yourself is, “What’s in my hands?” What power, potential and purpose have I been holding onto and have yet to unleash to the world? Have I truly taken the time to pause and ponder what’s so special about me? Do I really deserve this situation or circumstance? Yes you do and yes you are a one of a kind miraculous manifestation of meticulous design of our Divine creator.

….Whatever mission, vision or destiny that’s been placed in your hands has power and you must not take that lightly. There’s no need to rely on someone else to tell you what you need to be doing; you already know.

Stop going through the motions and fooling yourself into believing your everyday lifestyle doesn’t mean anything. Stop holding on to and not sharing something you know the world could benefit from. Stop sabotaging your success and happiness because of your fear to utilize the gifts you have. In order to stop the cycle of psychological sabotage, you have to be willing to change whatever habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that hold you hostage. Change is a very powerful word that plays a pivotal role in the very essence of our existence, but if you embrace change along with whatever God has placed in your hands, you’ve taken one step closer to your destiny. Stop waiting for permission to become your greatness. It doesn’t take a guru or anyone else to answer the questions you already know the answers to. Your fate and your destiny are in your own hands and it’s past time for you to unveil and unleash what you’ve been hiding and holding on to for too long. You and the decisions you make determine your destiny. So take the gloves off and start utilizing what’s in your hands.

“Keep the faith, keep making it happen and remember to stay out of your own way!”
Jack A. Daniels

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