In Troubled Times…Let there be Light!

If there were already light in the Earth would it make sense for God to say, “Let there be light”? Genesis 1:3 (NLT) If so you wouldn’t be able to say that there is power in Him calling forth light because it would already be.

It’s when we don’t see things and continue to speak on them that we get to see the power behind our words. Just because the sun goes down every night it doesn’t mean that there is no more light as if the power of God’s Words are for a limited time. When it is night we still believe and have faith in knowing that there will once again be light in the morning.

Taking that even further, even when it’s night it still isn’t total darkness. Look further into space and you will notice specs of light called stars. Even when you life is at it’s darkest moments just look a little further…God never leaves us in total darkness.

Toni M. Sharp….Be Blessed!


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