Enough Is Enough

Milan Ford
Milan is scheduled to release his first book, 83 Things I Wish The Black Church Would Stop Doing, later this fall (2009). You can find Milan blogging at ThePewView.com or follow him at Twitter.com/milanford.

This past Sunday evening, I struggled heavily with writing this devotional for today. The theme for this week, Generational Blessings, is such a great one for us to discuss, that I wanted to find just the right words to say to stress the importance for us (as believers) to pass the wisdom, statutes, and blessings of our God from generation to generation.

After hours of staring at a blank page, I decided to take a break and flip through a few TV channels. It wasn’t long till I discovered that BET (Black Entertainment Television) had scheduled a special Michael Jackson tribute during their 2009 music awards show. While not a fan of the network, I (along with millions of people across the world) was a huge fan of Jackson as a child.

Like many of you, I had been glued to the TV for three days straight in disbelief. While we all understand that indeed our days our numbered with the Lord, the passing of Michael Jackson still hit hard for many of us who grew up listening to his music. Despite the many personal challenges and character flaws he has often been attributed with, it is difficult to argue that his influence on today’s pop culture and music is immeasurable. (I still have the glitter glove to prove it!!) So despite my distaste for the network – my wife and I decided to endure it anyway to see how this generation would pay tribute to one who helped pave the way for so many. Towards the end of the program, one of this generation’s most popular artists, Lil Wayne, performed a song along with several others entitled, Every Girl. {enter a frown here}

Without assuming every one reading this devotional today is aware of this song, Every Girl is basically about the desire of this artist, and those who accompanied him on the song, to have sexual intercourse with “every girl” in the world. The explicit lyrics of this song (I promise you) are unparalleled. And despite the implications of this song, BET allowed Lil Wayne and those with him to perform the song with what appeared to be several underage girls dancing on stage.
{enter another frown here} My wife and I were frozen in shock. And our shock, quickly turned into tears. And with tears in my eyes, I walked back to that blank page I spoke to you about earlier and wrote these three words: Enough Is Enough.

Family, please hear me: I am thoroughly convinced that there is a direct link between one’s ability to obtain and benefit from the GENERATIONAL blessings God has for them, with one’s inability to address and eliminate the GENERATIONAL curses that they are faced with.
For generations, African-Americans have endured pain and suffering at the hands of unjust racial discrimination. However, because of a desire to see the next generation experience the blessings of God, a decision was made to fight against the discrimination that had for so long cursed them. However, there is one GENERATIONAL curse that has hindered our communities for far too long. Although we see it and know that it is there, we remain silent. However, interesting enough, our silence can be heard around the world every time you turn on the radio or television.

This curse must be addressed and broken for us to truly see the blessings God has for our people, regardless of race and creed. I am talking about the TREATMENT OF OUR WOMEN.
How can we continue to allow the very vehicle God created to bring forth and redeem mankind, be turned into a such an immoral and commercial commodity? How do we expect our nation, our churches, and our homes to be blessed when we curse the very creation of our God?

As a husband and father of three, I have come to understand that the manner in which I raise, protect, and pour into my family has GENERATIONAL implications, none greater than with my children. Church, we are the LIGHT of the world – and the SALT of the earth (Matt 5:13-14).
How can we continue to be fixated on receiving the blessings of God, when we are surrounded by curses that remain unbroken? Our voices must be heard. And our influence must be seen.
Today, I am serving our nation’s entertainment industry this final notice: Enough Is Enough. We are the people of God, and our women are not just EVERY GIRLS. They are a BLESSING.
A blessing that must be protected GENERATION after GENERATION.
Church, it is time to rise.


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