My God, please remove all of the habits that cause me to turn from you. Help me to fast and pray; to listen and do whatever you tell me to do and follow Your Word. Make me forget about what I want and focus on what others need. Father, you can destroy relationships that cause me to sin against you. God I am willing to suffer; to be alone; to hurt; to give up some stuff…. I just want to be the person you created me to be. Help me love the unlovable and forgive those who hurt me. Show me how to give to my enemies and help me to serve you the way you want me to serve you. I don’t want to do what’s easy; I want to do what’s pleasing to You. I don’t want to be lazy, putting you after my desires….but I want to put you first so that my desires are the same as Your desires. Father God, I am turning away from anything and everything that is unproductive, useless, unsuccessful and unfruitful. God I surrender everything to You today, so that You can use me for Your purposes and Your glory. I surrender my mind; my heart; my will; my gifts; my talents; my resources; my finances; my time; my life; my body; my will and my desires to You. Guide me, lead me, strengthen me and use me today Lord. You are the potter and I am the clay…Mold me into a selfless, loving, giving and forgiving child of God. In Jesus’ Heavenly Name, Amen.


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