He awakened me this morning
Challenges and obstacles abound
My mind perplexed by the things so vexed
I listened but there was no sound

Onward with my battles
My strategies were few
Contemplating, meditating
Still no sound came from you.

Reaching for the wisdom
My brains just spinning around
No plan, no solution, no remedy
Just praying to hear the sound

Error upon error
So many tasks incomplete
Desperately using everything
Not wanting to accept defeat

Kept reaching within for my strength
Scheming to outrun my fate
But the world was closing in on me
It seemed that it was just too late

In my confusion and my remembrance
My void of speaking to God in a long time
So in my desperation calling out to him
To help me resurrect my peace of mind

As prayer flowed from my bosom
The enemy fueled the struggles in my mind
My teary eyes raised from up from the ground
Then somewhere in my tortured soul
There began a rumbling sound

And as his word fell upon me
My sorrows began to drown
It was the genesis of my deliverance
From the unsavory things he found

My praise and my prayer thanked him
That his grace turned me around
That within me begins a healing
A new victory was on its way down

What is it about the grace of God?
Never too late and always on time
For forgiveness and redemption was his gift to me
Because I remembered prayer was my lifeline.

This is from one of the spiritual Books in my someday published collection Called Curl up with Curt. Written by Curt J. Stokes


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