I’m sorry, Lord Jesus!

A story of how I feel when I fail – and who helps me most!
There are some days I walk about
and want to fight or scream or shout –
I want to beat my fists and cry
I want to quit, I want to die…

I seem to be so out of sorts –
nothing’s fun, not games or sports!
There’s nothing that I wanna do,
except for maybe be with You!

All the things I’ve done for You
I actually did for ME some too,
I’m so selfish, I’m ashamed
because I know that I’M to blame…

For all the things between us now
were choices I HAD MADE somehow –
All the times I sat alone,
ignored my Lord, upon His throne!

I wisht I’d lived my whole life through
and spent it all alone with You –
Never leaving to watch TV.
or bowl or sleep (or even pee)…

And then Your Grace envelops me,
and sets my soul and spirit free…
You love me in SPITE of me,
and all the times we disagree…

You’re patient, loving, kind, it’s true
and I can never stop loving You –
I have forever to walk and serve
and be the servant You deserve!

Help me, Lord Jesus!

I’ve failed A LOT, and know what it’s all about!

But Jesus has always taken me back, and helped me, and loved me like I was His own…and guess what? I AM!

Written By Michael Ingram
Published: 12/24/2005

Michael Ingram – The author of “Godspell”, a short, Bible-based book by Trafford publishing, and “Finding Tracy” (co-authored with Norma Budden), also by Trafford.
You can buy a copy by going to: Trafford Publishing


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