Why and what for?

What do you want? If God were to ask you what He could do for you; if He were to ask what He could give to you…what would your answer be?  Responses can range from houses and cars; money and positions; fame and friends. People want new spouses and better children; more stuff and less stress. There are lists of things and many requests. But why, and what for?

These things that we desire and the requests that we have….most are senseless, and meaningless; backed by selfish motives and prideful ambitions. Some of these things are temporary and short-lived. Other things are desired simply because we are ungrateful for what we already have. But why and what for?

What are the real benefits? Whether you are rich or poor, when you experience a tragedy, it still hurts the same. Whether your house is big or small’ whether you have a position or not; whether you have a car or you ride a bus…when you are on your death bed, you are still going to die. We can ask for some things and seek for some stuff, but why and what for?

When God asked Solomon what he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom. And the Bible says, “And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing.” I Kings 3:10 God told Solomon that because he did not ask for long life; or riches or for the life  of his enemies…He would give him what he asked for AND riches, honor and long life. Solomon chose the one thing that leads to all things; Godly wisdom. When we have Godly wisdom, we are seeking understanding of God and His Word.

In order to walk this walk; receive what we need; avoid those things that would destroy us; and have a hope of eternal life, we need Godly wisdom. This world and everything in it will perish, but God’s Word will never perish. Without wisdom, we are aimlessly seeking for happiness and fulfillment in temporary, unstable ways.
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Ask for something that will last. Ask for more of HIM!

Rev. Toni-Brooke is the pastor of God’s Storehouse, an outreach ministry in Detroit. Her burden and passion is for people who are broken, hurt, and bound with addiction, abuse, anger, depression, and other life-struggling issues. She is also the author and publisher of the devotional book Watch Your Step.


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