What If I Can’t Love Enough?…..Spiritual Warfare

The most important truth about spiritual warfare is that it is first and foremost a work of love. Not love for the struggle, or the love of “saving souls” or of victory. It’s a work of love for God’s Kingdom, and love for the people Jesus was crucified over — which is each and every one. Some people have an easier time with loving. Their emotional makeup and life circumstances make it easier for them to make their love effective. It’s much easier to love if you’ve been loved. Many people have a much harder time of loving. They’re burdened with a heavy load of taunting, fear, oppression, or mental disease. Or worse, they haven’t experienced love from anyone and so have no idea what it really is or what it does or how to give it.
The hard truth, though, is noone has enough love on their own to do spiritual warfare. In Matthew 7:7, Jesus says to ask and it will be given. So ask God to enable you to love with God’s love. The Spirit’s more than happy to give you this. But like everything else God gives, it’s made to be real. It will take stubborn, regular prayer, taking risks, and maybe some hard lessons and changes in outlook, for the love to start flowing out of you. If the love isn’t there, it’s like going into battle unarmed and unprepared, straight into the line of fire.

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