How to Choose Happiness

By Inna Segal

Many of the experts on happiness say that being happy is a choice; that it is a decision you make every morning, that today ‘I am going to be happy’. But how is it some people manage to have that inner contentment and others struggle to put a smile on their face? I have asked thousands of people what makes them happy or unhappy and have discovered certain repeating themes: People feel happy when they have a fulfilling relationship, a career they love, great health and energy and variety of interests.

Often those people have a positive attitude to life and they see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Here are seven keys which can help you experience more joy and happiness in your life.

Seven Simple Keys to a Joyous Life

1)  Value Yourself

2)  Be Committed to Happiness

3)  Be Open-Minded

4)  Look After Your Health

5)  Keep Your Sense of Humor

6)  Believe in the Power of Laughter

7)  Appreciate the Lucky Charm of Happiness

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