Do You Trust Your Gut? Feeling the Holy Nudge

Did you ever have second thoughts about something?  You know the feeling, that inner sense of hesitation that gently says, “Don’t do it.”, or the louder “Stop!”, or the blaring “WARNING!! WARNING!!”  Us women like to call it “women’s intuition”.  Some people like to call it a “sixth sense”.  Many believers call it “discernment” or a “holy nudge”.  Whatever it is called, it is usually that feeling* in the gut that makes you think twice about something.

I had that feeling when I was engaged to my first husband.  I was a new Christian and had been dating him for about three years before my conversion.  He seemed like a pretty decent guy overall but, admittedly, there were many aspects of his personality that I just did not respect.  One day things were going along on their normal course in our relationship when we had one of our typical arguments.  There was nothing really out of the ordinary with the argument, but afterwards I began to wonder if I should move forward with our plans to marry.  There was just this gut feeling that I should probably really reconsider the decision.  Nevertheless, I ignored the feeling and moved forward in the relationship, doing nothing.

About a week later I was sitting in church and, right in the midst of the sermon, I heard–as clear as a bell–through the voice of the pastor, “IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS, DON’T MARRY HIM!”   (I don’t remember the topic of the sermon, but I do know it had nothing to do with marriage or relationships!)  As soon as I heard that statement, I was revisited by that gut feeling again.  I thought, “Hmmm.  Should I end this relationship?”  I later sought the advice of three trusted wise counselors and shared my concerns with them.  With the limited information that I had and gave to them, they all basically said the same thing–just give it time.  So I listened to what they said…and again ignored that feeling in my gut.  What a bad decision! Several months later–and right after our wedding–I discovered that he was cheating on me.  I should have trusted my gut and felt the “holy nudge”.

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