Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome to my blog “Uplifting Talk-time” and thank you for your interest. With today’s society being so intense I feel we need all the uplifting information and conversation that we can get.

You will find that I’ll make references to God because I believe without Him nothing is possible so if you are offended by that you have the choice to not take part in this blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but God is who “I” believe in. No one is without sin so I don’t pretend to be perfect I only strive to understand and impart His will in my life and share His word as best I can. Knowledge is power!

So please feel free to comment, email and share any positive word that you can impart or ask any question that you may be looking for an answer to. I believe two heads are better than one and getting various view points can provide eye opening insight.

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