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Children and "The Talk"

At what age do you start discussing “the birds & the bees” with your kids? how much do you tell them? When do you feel birth control is necessary?


Strip Clubs…

What do you feel about your significant other going to a strip club? Is it ok? Are you offended? Does frequency matter?

What makes him/her off limits to you???

When I was young all he had to have was a job. As I got older he needed a job and a car. Then as an adult he had to have the 3 C’s, Career, Car and a Crib. Without those things i wouldn’t give him the time of day. Then there was a time if he had a girlfriend he was off limits but something changed and I didn’t car because I figured if she was taking care of him then he wouldn’t want me. Husbands were always off limits until, I have to admit, I got caught up and he charmed the pants off me. I was in need of a few things, emotionally and physically and he was too and he made me feel bad for him like his wife just wasn’t doing the things he needed and I picked up the pieces. WRONG!!! I won’t fall for that one again. He was lying!!! So I will not mess with a married man again I am proud and happy to say. I fell but I got back up in my lack of judgment. I will not date a man on drugs! I have more but as I’ve posed the question….What makes a man/woman off limits to you?

Marriage and Secrets

Ok so tell me…Other than planning a suprise when is it really ok to keep secrets from your spouse??

Me and this man are married and granted I don’t have any reason to think he’s up to anything but all of a sudden he acts like it’s such a big deal for me not to get a hold of his wallet. Hmmmm….What’s up with that right? Well all he did was create curiosity so the first chance I got I went through his wallet and nothing was found. (Lucky for him! ;)) Anyway, i told him I went through the darn thing and he lost his freaking mind. I shut that mess down and walked away leaving him to talk to himself but I’m thinking in my mind if you have nothing to hide and we’re married what’s the big darn deal? He was so angry with me he slept on the couch but he is over it today and acting like nothing ever happen. i think he was PMSing. 🙂

Am I wrong for what I did??


My man and I have been in relationship for some time now………..but lately we havent been intimate because either he is too tired or it takes him forever to come to bed. I love him dearly and would never want to hurt him but i have been so sexually frustrated yet i know searching for fullfillment in an another man is not the right answer…..but what do i do?!!!! Can anyone offer any good advise as to what i should do???? How do i get his attention and let him know that he is not meeting my needs without hurting the male ego ?

How old is too old???

I don’t know what it is but I seem to be attracted to older men. When I was younger my limit was no more than 3 years older than me but once I reached 21 that idea went out the window. I hear about all these people who date or marry and the age gap is 10+ years. I wish them all well but I’ve tried it and yes the security was there but when I wanted to hang out with my friends he seemed so out of place. (oh yeah the age gap for us was like 13 years) Hanging out with his friends was cool but I always felt out of place because they seemed so old. They talked about the news, politics, and world issues where as me and my friends may have talked about that stuff but it was mostly the current music, celebraties and people gossip. (yeah gossibing is wrong but hey it’s interesting.) So that relationship did not last there was just not enough in common (among other things). What do you think? What have you experienced?